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Everybody makes bad decisions once in a while, but nobody can accurately predict the consequences of their choices. I’m sure that IK Enemkpali, a former linebacker for the New York Jets, never knew his mistake would cost him 1.8 million dollars and probably his career. A couple of days ago IK was involved in a locker room scuffle with the Jets’ starting quarterback, and while some reports have called this event an argument, many players on the team have classified this altercation as a sucker punch. The Jets starting quarterback, Geno Smith, and Enemkpali were arguing over 600 dollars the millionaire quarterback owed the linebacker, and the situation ended in an unforeseen punch. Aside from the obvious foolishness of the situation, I find it extremely alarming that this player didn’t take a moment to think about just how much that punch would cost his team and himself. In one punch he changed the trajectory of the team’s season as they are now without their projected starter for up to 10 weeks, and he also may have sent his own life into a place he would never have predicted. The New York Jets organization immediately released the linebacker after the punch with the coach saying “you don’t get a second chance after a sucker punch,” and it seems as though the NFL life of Enemkpali will end, less than two years after it began. The New York Jets have been something of a punchline in the NFL, and this punch situation shows that this “joke” of a franchise has some real work to do in order to get back to the level of discipline other teams show in this league. I wish Geno Smith a quick recovery, and I sincerely hope that this one lapse in judgement won’t mean the end of the career of Enemkpali. We all make mistakes hopefully his wont be the thing that defines him.