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News travels very fast these days. Just yesterday, as I finished writing about the demise of former Jets linebacker IK Enemkpali due to a terrible mistake he made, I got word that he will already get his redemption in the NFL. Rex Ryan, the former coach of the Jets, and the man who was initially behind inviting Enemkpali into the league, has decided to sign him to his new team, the Buffalo Bills. This move by Rex Ryan is no surprise to me, as he is known to be a man of theatrics, but something Ryan said in his interview struck with me. When Ryan was asked about why he signed IK, he said, “He made a mistake…There’s no question about that. But instead of listening to this person, that person, or whatever, we had IK last year, a lot of us were around IK, and he was a good teammate. Simple as that.” The words of Rex Ryan and this situation as a whole are just reminders that a solid first impression, and a good reputation are key when it comes to getting anywhere in life. The fact that Enemkpali was known by Rex as a good teammate, is the driving force behind his redemption. IK was not the greatest of linebackers, and I would not say he was a “must have” player, but the fact that he worked hard and didn’t step on any toes while Rex was around has effectively saved his career. I am glad to see that second chances can come out of a foolish situation, and I hope to see Enemkpali on the field for every game his new team plays against the Jets. I dont condone the actions that lead to his dismissal, but I still believe that one mistake should not define the life of any person.