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A few days ago I wrote about the advancements in communication technology and how they have made the unthinkable a reality. While those advancements are great in our day, communication methods of yesterday have suffered many casualties. Some of the now archaic forms of communication, like smoke signals and messages in a bottle, really wouldn’t work as well today, but one of the strongest forms of communication that humans possess is quickly going away. The written letter, in my opinion, is the strongest and least utilized form of communication today, and it will soon be gone completely. The strength of the letter comes by the fact that it must fully portray the emotion of the writer in order for it to be understood, and it is up to the reader to comprehend, and in turn materialize that emotion in their own mind. A written letter is a form of communication that makes people think and it often calls for immediate action depending on the tone of the material. While writing is losing steam to many, due to the effort that goes into it, the world’s most important documents and agreements are still written down. Writing is one of the most effective forms of expression, but when it comes to urgency, the flaws of this method are found. A written letter takes time, and sending the letter sometimes takes even longer. The reason writing is becoming “old hat” is the fact that with a letter, a person in the future is getting a message from the past, and attempts at expediting the letter delivery process have only changed the way we take in written communication as a whole. Text messages, instant messages, and twitter have dwarfed the gravity of a written message, and sadly it doesn’t seem as though written communication stands a chance. I am aware that I may be overreacting here, but I’m just one of those people who love writing, but honestly speaking, I’m sure writing will be fine it’s just that the popularity of written communication has seriously taken a hit. I will continue to write letters from time to time, hopefully letters make a return in the future.