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The human body is the world’s most advanced machine, and when the machine that is the body gets sick it is best to get some rest and allow it to heal fully before getting back into the swing of everyday life. Over the past couple of days I have had a minor cold, I call it minor because I have kept myself pretty active over this weekend, but unfortunately the “mind over matter” tactic does not always work. This “minor cold” that I was battling actually gave me a fever a couple nights ago, but after taking some medicine and sleeping through the night I decided, quite foolishly, to wake up early and do a bit of cleaning before setting out on a road trip. I would not consider myself to be the type of person to ignore my bodies signals when I am not feeling well, but I was being uncommonly stubborn this past couple of days because I found it unfair that I would work all week just to stay in bed all weekend with a fever. Defying the bodies distress calls is never a good idea, and I learned that pretty quickly after waking up that early to run errands. I found myself quickly back in bed and asleep for seven more hours before I was able to wake up and get my trip underway. No matter how hard I tried to ignore the sickness I was facing, my body did not allow my mind to interfere with it’s healing process. I am just happy that whatever bug I was dealing with is now behind me, and it didn’t seem to be at all contagious. I will just have to pay better attention to the stops signs my body is putting up when I am not at full health, and rest whenever I am sick.