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According to recent reports, the New York Giants quarterback, Eli manning, wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL, and I find that to be completely ridiculous. I may be one of the biggest Giants fans around, and I have nothing but respect for the play of Eli Manning, but I really don’t think he deserves to be making the most money in the sport. The way contracts are set up, it is almost impossible for the best player at a time to be the highest paid for long, but Eli can’t be classified as the best player let alone best quarterback in the league at this time. The problem with Eli Manning is not his talent, he has shown multiple times in his career that he can play at as high a level as any, and that be can be the best player on the field at any given moment. The issue with Eli is his consistency. In both of the years that Eli was named Super Bowl MVP, his stat line was mired by his wildly inconsistent play, there were some games in which he looked like an all time great, and others that had him looking like a scared rookie playing in the wrong league. In my opinion Eli manning is a fantastic qb who definitely deserves to be paid more than some players that are currently making more than him, but in order for him to make the most money in the league, he must show that he can consistently play at the level of the players that should be making such high demands.