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I have always found dreams to be extremely interesting. To many people, dreams are just outlandish stories that our minds make up while we sleep, but dreams are much more than the nonsensical ramblings of a dormant mind. I have always wondered if dreams are happening in slow motion, or if dreams give us the ability to somehow tell the future. I figure we maintain some sort of conscious connection to the outside world while we sleep, because there are some dreams that include events that occur concurrently with external stimuli that have a direct effect on the dream. If you have ever had a dream in which you found yourself falling or sky diving, often times you end up waking up during an actual fall from bed, only to find yourself confused and possibly a little frightened. I know everybody has not had one of these falling dreams, but for those who have, it can be quite strange and interesting. It calls to question whether you started to dream as you were falling this short distance, or if the fall was because of the dream, either way, the dream was interacting with what was happening in the conscious world. I would love to believe that dreams can give us super sensory abilities, but unfortunately I simply don’t find that possible. My best explanation and guess for what is happening during dreams is that our minds are acting very quickly, and due to the quick change from being sleeping to being awake, we have a momentary delay between the dream world and reality. Perhaps we aren’t falling in real life, but just reliving the memory of a fall as we wake from a falling dream. I would love to be able to run tests on my ideas of the dreams connection to the actions of the body, but unfortunately I don’t have the funds or equipment for such a venture. I will just have to keep my wild ideas about dreams in my sleep where they belong, until somebody decides to fund my research.