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Have you ever noticed how odd it is when a stranger starts talking to you as you ride on an elevator? I have always wondered why that method of transportation has always been the “international room of quiet,” it is as though there is an unwritten rule, that if you are in the elevator you have to wait quietly until you reach your destination. I have always noticed the silence of an elevator, and I wonder how this conditioning for silence came to be part of general social behavior. Does everyone quietly contemplate their destination, do they plan out their tasks for the day, are they hoping this elevator does not fall to their demise, or am I just standing there projecting wild notions onto the minds of those I have yet to know? The only thing that is clear in the minds of those partaking in elevator travel is that you must stay silent until you reach your destination. I find it strange that we have the ability to stand so close to strangers and not utter a single word, the same behavior can be observed on the subway, but that is a special case on its own. Every once in a while, a person I am sharing an elevator trip with makes a statement about the weather, and I courteously respond for a moment, only to return to a more awkward silence than the usual fare. For whatever reason, elevators are and will always be places of silent reflection, and any attempts to break the standard silence is often met with apprehension and deeper silence. I am sure there will come a day when people can freely speak while riding an elevator, but until that time comes, I will continue to follow the elevator’s odd rules of engagement, and just keep quiet.