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Of the many issues plaguing the NFL, there is one that I find quite glaring and seemingly irreparable, and that is not the league’s rampant drug and alcohol abuse, or domestic violence problems, it is the fact that the NFL has one man to report to as judge, jury, and executioner in disciplinary situations. Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, is the man in charge of all league disciplinary precedings and decisions, and oddly enough he is also in charge of hearing and deciding on any appeals of his rulings. I find it completely absurd that a man should have so much control over the livelihood of others without any checks and balances, but this has been the norm for the entirety of Goodell’s stay in the commissioner seat. Goodell has been known as one of the toughest commissioners in NFL history, handing down year long suspensions on several occasions, and handing out punishment on an undefined scale. Goodell’s authority recently came into question as Tom Brady took him to court over his handling of the “deflategate” situation, and an actual judge is now looking into the way Goodell makes his rulings. It seems as though the courts disagree with Goodell’s punishment system enough that they mandated Brady and Goodell come to a mutual agreement, but it really isn’t enough in my opinion. The NFL needs to go through a total overhaul of its disciplinary structure, rather than keeping one man in charge. I feel as though the league should have a three man system involving one player representative, a neutral party, and of course the commissioner. Implementing this tribunal will vastly improve disciplinary measures and the overall approval by players, fans, and team owners. I accept the fact that no system is without its flaws, but any change would be welcomed if it means abolishing the dictatorship of Roger Goodell as NFL enforcer.