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I love watching the NFL, and I have even been known as one of the few people who actually enjoy watching preseason football, but in spite of my immense excitement for the start of the season, I actually hate the NFL preseason. In order for me to fully explain my stance, I must first state that I understand the reason for preseason football, and I understand that it is important for players to get some full speed practice in before getting into the real games. It is just disheartening to see that players are getting injured at such an alarming rate. Football is a contact sport, so injuries are part of the game, but I have noticed that several key players have been hurt early on in this preseason, and many from non contact injuries. Big name players, such as wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin, injured themselves while jumping or making a cut, while very few other player injuries have actually been contact related. I should probably blame the injuries of these star players on offseason conditioning, but perhaps the NFL is asking too much of these players in too short of a timeframe. Many of these players are jumping right out of vacation and into a gauntlet, injuries like this are not regularly seen mid season and that is due to players being ready to push their bodies to a high level. The NFL needs to either get rid of the preseason as it is currently constituted, or work on ways to better prepare players for the type of stress the season puts on their bodies. There is no effective way to rid the NFL of injuries, but in this time of increased safety, it would be wise for the league to look into ways to keep its best players on the field in time for the start of regular season. If keeping players healthy means getting rid of the preseason, I would be all for that measure.