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I am pretty upset that yesterday’s post actually didn’t go through when I thought it did, I know I could always change the time but I feel like that would be inauthentic, so I’ll leave it as it is. I apologize for any inconvenience my timing may have caused my readers. With that said I am reminded of the topic of today, excuses. Excuses are statements that are used in order to lessen the blame upon an individual, or to justify an action, and frankly, I dislike using them. Generally speaking, excuses usually cause more damage than just apologizing for a wrong, since the hearer is being forcefully taken from the position of the offended. Whenever an excuse is used, the person being told the excuse has to understand an event that had nothing to do with them, and forgive the person at fault for not having control of the situation. The person who is actually at fault is placing the blame on circumstances that the person with the right to be upset can not comprehend, so they usually have no choice but to accept the excuse. I understand that excuses are basic social behaviors that are not always used in malice, but I just wish people had more tact when it comes to situations in which they use excuses. I am not one of those people who doesn’t accept excuses, because in all actuality, I understand that there are circumstances that just can’t be controlled by man, I just think people need to “feel the room” at times before coming up with an absurd excuse. Excuses are a part of life that we all have heard and gotten used to, I think everyone would be better off if we made sure our excuses are placed in a way that they are not doing more damage than the situations that called for them.