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The United States presidential election is right around the corner, and that means everyone has suddenly become a world renowned political genius. Politics is one of those topics that it is just best to steer clear of when it comes to relationship building. It is incredibly rare to see more than two people agree on multiple different political issues these days, and these small differences in opinion usually lead to huge arguments. I don’t think I have ever seen two people ever amicably discuss their differences when locked in an intense political debate. I don’t mean to say that politics can not be spoken about in a cordial and sensible manner, but I have never seen a political debate end until one individual’s voice gets a bit too loud. I have my own political views, but unless I decide to run for office, I generally keep them to myself. In my opinion most people should just leave politics to the politicians, too many people view their political party as they view their favorite athletic team, and frankly, it just isn’t that simple. There are too many variables in a political argument, and most politicians are most likely going to change their stance on an issue several times before a vote, so arguing for or against any candidate is quite pointless this early in the race. Political talk can be very divisive, and at times uncomfortable to those who are observing the argument, so please, if you feel you must have a debate, it is best to keep as calm as possible and remember, many of these politicians don’t hold as strong a view on an issue as their constituents think they hold.