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I just realized that I spend over 10 hours of my week on the New York City subway system, and I find that to be pretty upsetting. The subway system is probably not the worse place in New York to be for 10 hours, and it is not as horrible as it is shown on television, but 10 hours is a long time to do anything really. I guess if I was to break it down 10 hours is only about six percent of my week, but the way time is, I’d be glad to get 1 percent of my time back at the end of each week. I think I may have an obsession with time, it is not that I want more of it, or less of it, it is the fact that time is a constant, which means it can’t be controlled or changed. Time is set, we are given a finite number of hours in a day, and if a task must be completed by a certain time, there is nothing that can change the approaching deadline other than our inability to keep up with a schedule. Whenever I think back to my days in school, I can remember instances when a paper or project were due, the most aggressive obstacle in the completion of these assignments was the time deadline, and no matter how I sliced it, in order to make that deadline other things, such as sleep, had to take a back seat. Time management is probably one of the most important skills to pick up these days. With great time management, it is hard to be unsuccessful in any venture. My way of managing my time, is to lay my schedule on a pie chart, we have a finite number of hours in a week, so if I plot them accordingly, I should be able to maximize my productivity. Time management is a skill that takes tremendous resolve, since keeping to a schedule is not as simple as cutting a pie, but once a commitment is made to keep to a schedule, everything flows much easier. I know that it is simpler to write about time management than to practice it, since the constant of time is always intertwined with the variable that is life, but proper time management can make the things we can control move a lot smoother. The way this world is, it is impossible to run everything mechanically or on a stopwatch, but when good time management skills are learned controllable events can easily become much more predictable and enjoyable.