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Fantasy Football is a billion dollar enterprise, that may actually be more popular than the actual sport itself. In fantasy football, fans are asked to draft individual players from various teams, and build a team that can outperform their competition. The business of fantasy football has become huge these days, with several companies offering fantasy coaches millions of dollars to pick the right team, but in my opinion fantasy football is hurting the game. I am a big fan of fantasy football, and I understand that the NFL will continue to thrive because of it, but fantasy football has created a new generation of football viewers, who don’t care about teams or standings, all they care about is an individual’s stat line. In a sense it doesn’t seem too terrible for the league if people are watching at higher rates, but with the high interest in stats comes much lower interest in merchandise and actual game attendance. Fans go to games to watch their favorite teams play, so when fans begin rooting for players only, the lines of fandom begin to blur. I am a Giants fan, so I do get upset when I see other fans of my team rooting for rival players but I guess that is just the way of the future. Fantasy football is definitely here to stay, and though it is killing the way of the fan, I’m sure the NFL will gladly continue to capitalize on the money that is coming in and punch the fantasy football revolution.