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Fan safety is a huge issue at sporting events these days. The safety of the fan is commonly stressed at every event I have ever attended, but in spite of the warnings and apparent security all over these gigantic venues, fans are still being injured in terrible accidents every year. Last night, during the Yankees game at Atlanta, a man fell 50 feet from the upper decks while leaning over the railing to shout insults at players. Thankfully the man did not fall on anyone below, but sadly, he later passed away from his injuries. A tragic event like the fall of this man could have been prevented by an increased presence of security in his section, but events like this happen all of the time with less catastrophic results. I can’t blame every tragic event on security, since they have no control over the alcohol intake of fans, and all sports related fan injuries are not easily preventable, but I do think sporting venues can do more to keep fans safe. To be completely honest, I think the biggest risk to a fan at a sporting event is alcohol abuse. Most tragic events that take place in or around sporting events, have been alcohol related, and that is not just a coincidence. It is not really the team or the venue’s job to stop fans from drinking, but they have fruitlessly tried for years to curb fan alcohol abuse. It seems that the notices to “drink responsibly” are going largely unfollowed, and fans are getting more reckless with each passing season. I love going to sporting events, and I don’t think much needs to change in order to make a ballgame a safer place. I just think all fans need to understand that everyone at the venue wants to enjoy the game as they do, and that getting home safely is more important than getting overly drunk or “shaming” the visiting team and their fans.