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Today is the day that the NFL season finally starts. I know I have been heavy on the football posts as of late, but it is my favorite sport, and quite possibly my favorite pastime. The NFL season will be kicked off by a matchup of the perennial powerhouse, Pittsburg Steelers, and the defending champion New England Patriots. Tonight’s game looks like it will be a total “shootout,” both teams boast incredibly high powered offenses, while holding exceedingly average defenses. I fully expect both quarterbacks to take advantage of the holes in the defenses and I am eager to see an incredibly high scoring game. The story of this offseason was the “deflategate” scandal that involved the altering of game equipment by the New England Patriots, while it has been widely accepted that the Pats are guilty of cheating, a court order has rescinded the suspension that was once given to Tom Brady. With the “new life” given to Brady by the courts, I expect him to play the greatest game of his career tonight, and to throw for at least four touchdowns. I am going to make one of my not so accurate predictions for tonight’s game, I believe the Steelers will win this one in a high scoring thriller by the score of 38 – 31. Tom Brady will have a big game, but defense will be the downfall of the Patriots, as I just don’t think they will be able to keep up with the speed of Antonio Brown. I am very excited for the start of this NFL season, with game one being mere hours away, it is looking like we are going to be in for an enjoyable couple of football filled months.