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As expected, the NFL season opener was an offensive masterpiece, well at least for the New England Patriots. Tom Brady threw for 4 touchdowns as I predicted, but my prognostication of a Steelers win was incorrect. This weekend has been quite busy for me, due to it being wedding season apparently, so today while I have a bit of time, I would simply like to give my picks for week one of this year’s NFL action. The NFL is back and in full swing, this Sunday there will finally be a full slate of NFL games, and the fun will continue for the rest of the year. I will start my picks with the Packers beating the Bears by a wide margin, Aaron Rodgers is too good for the depleted Bears defense. The Chiefs will beat the Texans in a low scoring, possibly boring game. The Jets will will manage to handle the much weaker Browns in another low scoring matchup. The Colts will beat the Bills, but the game will be much closer than many expect. I’m picking the Dolphins over the Redskins, the Panthers over the Jaguars, and the Lions over the Chargers. The ever powerful Seahawks will have no trouble defeating the Rams, as their is a huge disparity in their offensive talent, and the Cardinals will defeat the Saints in what looks to be a close matchup. The Buccaneers will defeat the Titans, in a highly anticipated first meeting of rookie quarterbacks, I expect both of the league’s newest additions to play in a manner that proves they deserve to play at this level of football. I have the Raiders winning over the Bengals in a slight upset, and the Broncos beating the Ravens. In the prime time matchups we will see three great games, the first being my New York Giants facing the dreaded Dallas Cowboys, I am expecting the Giants to win in an extremely close and exciting game. As for the Monday night games, I have the Falcons beating the Eagles in a surprise blowout, and the Vikings defeating the 49ers in dominant fashion. Well there goes my picks for this week’s games, I will return with another blog post tomorrow, as I recover from this multiple wedding weekend.