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A bad mood can ruin a day, but it doesn’t have to control of your day. Far too many people let a bad mood take hold of their life when they don’t necessarily have to succumb to the stress of their mood. A few days ago a person who is close to me did something that made me very upset, and I have to admit, those actions put me in quite a bad mood. While what this individual did was annoying, I have to realize that these things happen, and our relationship is not any different, no matter how upset I became. Whenever an individual is wronged, if the transgression is not immediately addressed, they may end up in a bad mood, and that is exactly what happened in my case. I have since been able to resolve this issue, but aside from the actual wrong, a bad mood must be dealt with appropriately. There are times when a bad mood is not dependent an the actions of others, and for times like that, it is best to find a way to deal with it. Instead of allowing a bad mood to drive your day, many things can be done to alleviate the stress. Some people exercise, some go fishing, whatever can be done in lieu of being unhappy is a better option. A bad mood does not need to ruin a day, once you are able to find a task or hobby that can brighten your mood, any daily issues will seem as small inconveniences.