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Fantastic Four is the most recent superhero movie released, and due to reviews from my friends, I stayed far away from watching this movie. My curiosity and desire to watch any recent superhero film finally got the best of me, and I decided to watch the “terrible movie” that my friends warned me about. I have stated before in this blog that I generally like to watch movies without reading a review, since I don’t want to watch with a tainted impression. I decided to watch this movie months after its release and unfortunately I have heard nothing but bad things about it, so my expectations were very low. My honest impression of Fantastic Four, is that it is a good movie, not great, but definitely better than what I expected. When I say this movie is good, I mean it does what an action movie should, it has great effects and a couple of decent fight scenes, nothing that is award worthy. The issue with this movie is its pace, it is an extremely short movie that tries to do too much in a short time, and ends up leaving far too many unanswered questions. The characters are not correctly developed, and the major villain is not even introduced as such until there is 20 minutes left in the film. I have read that the director wanted a much longer film, and that he was upset about the cuts the producers made. Now that I have seen the film, I fully understand the director’s displeasure with the finished product. This movie had a lot of potential, and based on what I saw, it really just needed more time to explain itself in order to be a great movie. I am not sure if this movie was a product of low expectations, but I believe this movie could have been much better than it was if they took the directors advice and made it a bit longer and more developed. For what the movie was, I think it was fine, it is a very short action movie that quickly pushes viewers through a hallway without answering questions. I am the type of viewer who likes to understand the story behind a movie in order to enjoy it, but I was still satisfied enough with this film due to my understanding that the director did not mean for it to be so rushed. Fantastic Four is not the greatest superhero movie but it is not the worst, if you are looking for a quick, mindless, action film to watch, it is definitely worth at least a rental.