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Writer’s block is a phenomena, in which a writer seems to be completely devoid of ideas. I fell like it is generally believed that a writer would write about writer’s block when going through it, but I actually had an idea to write about this topic for a while, and I am finally following through. Writer’s block is something that everyone who is going through a creative process faces at some point. Since writer’s block is an incredibly annoying companion to have around when trying to create, it is important to find ways to combat it. I have faced off with writer’s block on many occasions, and through the years, I have found two major ways to rid myself of the inconvenience. The first method I use to get over writer’s block is to take a short break from the task I am trying to complete. I have noticed that it is easier to think when doing mundane tasks, so I like to go run some standard chores in order to get my mind back in motion. The second method I like to employ for writer’s block is usually the first thing I try when the block occurs, that method is brainstorming. With brainstorming, unlike my other method, I am attacking the writer’s block head on. While brainstorming is not the best way to beat writer’s block, it is extremely helpful in coming up with great ideas for the future, and essentially bypassing the possibility of writer’s block. Writer’s block is an adversary that every writer will face in life, it is never fun to face it, but with the right tools it is definitely easily beatable.