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Last night’s CNN debate reminded me more of a school yard argument than of an actual political debate. I have said before that I don’t enjoy political talk, so I will keep this short and be sure to stay away from declaring any of my personal political views. My issue with the debate that took place last night was not the candidates, but the extreme lack of professionalism by the moderator. I have seen debates in which candidates attacked each other, but this is the first debate in which I have seen a moderator calling up the barbs aimed at each candidate in an effort to instigate arguments. There were a couple of times in this debate that it seemed like the candidates would come to blows, and while that would have made for some intriguing television, that is not the proper way to vet a possible presidential candidate. I understand that CNN is currently in a ratings battle, but I think they should stick to reporting news, and keep the sensationalization of the presidential debates to the tabloids. I would love to see the future president stick to the issues, but unfortunately it seems that childish arguments are the only way the media knows how to raise ratings. The President of the United States, is a highly revered and prestigious position, in the months leading up to the next election, I would love to see more serious conversation about where the candidate wants to take the country and less name calling.