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Goat simulator is a game that is available on almost all major platforms, but for the sake of this review, I will be sticking with the iOS app. With a name like Goat Simulator it may seem a forgone conclusion that this app is a joke, but after playing it, it is hard to deny its charm and addictive qualities. Goat simulator is a parody app, even on the purchase page there is a disclaimer warning the buyer to spend their money on something more worth while, but with a sale price of three dollars as this is being written, I decided to give it a shot. The object of this game is to run around, as a goat, causing damage to a small town, with absolutely no limits or consequences. Goat simulator is basically poking fun at the absurdity of “open world” games by making the character a mindless goat with an unexplained vendetta against humanity. Aside from the obvious jokes pointed at the gaming world and the blatant glitches thrown into the game, Goat Simulator is actually pretty fun. I wouldn’t go as far as to nominate this as the greatest app ever or to say it is a must buy, but for the money, it does exactly as it promises. It provides the user with minutes of useless time wasting fun that could have been used for more productive means. If you have a little time to waste, try this app out, it is pretty fun. I have only had it for a couple of days and while I enjoy playing it, I am starting to think I should have taken heed to the disclaimer and found a better use of my three dollars.