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NFL week one is over, and while I was terribly upset by the play of the Giants, there was some great football to be seen throughout the league. Last week I decided to make a prediction for each game and I ended up being correct on seven of my sixteen picks. I am confident that I can do better than seven correct, so I will be giving it another try for week two of the NFL season. The first game is a division matchup of the Patriots and the Bills, and while New England looked unstoppable last week, I can see the Bills pulling out an upset in a close game. The Panthers will win in a not so competitive matchup against the Texans, and The Bengals will defeat the Chargers in a high scoring shootout. After getting torched by a rookie QB last week, the Buccaneers won’t stand a chance against Drew Brees and the Saints. The Steelers will defeat the 49ers, the Cardinals will beat the Bears, and the surging Titans will win a close one against the Browns. The Rams will easily defeat the Redskins, and the Vikings will have a bounce back game as they defeat the Lions in a slight upset. I stated earlier that I was very unhappy with how the Giants played in week one, but I am still picking them to win in week two, they will have less mistakes and manage to defeat the Falcons in a very close game. The Ravens will defeat the Raiders, The Dolphins will win over the Jaguars, and the Eagles will find a way to beat the Cowboys in a matchup that I feel will be decided by the mistakes of the losing team. As for the prime time game, The Packers will defeat the Seahawks by exploiting the weaknesses in their secondary, I am sure that once the Hawks are 0-2 they will decide to pay Kam Chancellor the money he has been asking for. The last game of the week pits the surprisingly potent Jets offense against the surprisingly feeble Colts defense, the Colts are a good team but they will not be able to defeat Jets if they keep playing the way they have played thus far. I can’t wait for the games to start tomorrow, hopefully I have more than seven correct picks this time.