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Over the past few months there has been a number of news reports about a flood of refugees populating European countries. While it is clear that these refugees are leaving their countries due to the damages of war, the citizens of the occupied countries are becoming quite unwelcoming. The entire continent of Europe seems to be experiencing a case of xenophobia as many people fear the idea of a coming “Islamic influence.” The refugees who have been marching through Hungary and trying to get to other EU nations, are former citizens of war torn Syria, Egypt, and other middle eastern countries, who are trying to flee the ideology wars going on in their country. Many citizens of European Union countries who don’t want to entertain the presence of these refugees due to fear are not even realizing the type of fear that comes with fleeing from a war zone. I know that many countries have reached out and decided to take on some of the refugees, but I don’t feel as though it is enough to just take them in, people need to be accepted and truly welcomed. Many of the refugees are not willing to stay in Hungary because they are trying to find a place were they can live, work, and thrive, and it seems like in Hungary they will always just be refugees. I know that many EU countries have pledged to take on and support a number of these travelers, but until they understand that these people are looking to be accepted into a new home, the refugees will continue to move until they find a peaceful place.