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The parity of the NFL when it comes to talent makes it one of the most difficult sports to predict. It is true that on “any given Sunday” the best team may not win, and my errant picks have shown that. Last week I was a day late on my picks so I missed the Thursday game, this week I will make sure that I get all of the action in this post. Just like in week one, I was correct on seven of my picks. Hopefully I will be able to get at least 10 this week. My Giants have let me down two weeks in a row in an inexplicable fashion, the mistakes they have been making late in the game are unacceptable. I just can’t see them losing three in a row to start the season, so the Giants will bounce back and defeat the Redskins. The Bengals will defeat the Ravens in a high scoring matchup, while the Panthers will defeat the Saints in a low scoring, run heavy game. The Buccaneers will beat the Texans, the reinvigorated Jets will crush the Eagles, and the Raiders will defeat the Browns. Tom Brady will continue to “thumb his nose” at the NFL commissioner, as the Patriots blow out the much weaker Jaguars. I have chosen against the Cowboys three weeks in a row, and now that they are suffering from injuries at key positions, I believe I will definitely be correct this time as I have the Falcons beating them in a surprisingly close game. The Colts will finally get a win and defeat the Titans, the Vikings will beat the Chargers, and the Steelers will easily handle the Rams. In the late Sunday games, The Cardinals will defeat the 49ers, the Bills will easily defeat the Dolphins, the Seahawks will finally win over the Bears, and the Broncos will beat the Lions in a very close game. The Monday night matchup pits two quarterbacks that competed to be the first overall pick in 2005 against each other, in a fun matchup for sports historians. Alex Smith, the eventual number one pick turned pseudo bust, and his Chiefs, will match up against the Packers and Aaron Rodgers, the slighted player that ended up becoming a league champion and MVP. The Packers will easily win this game, but it is always fun to speculate on how different the league would be if Rodgers went first in that draft. My picks are set and the games will soon begin, I would be happy if the only correct pick I made is a Giants win, but I will have to wait until tonight to see if they can deliver.