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The Pope’s much anticipated trip to the United States has come and gone, and it was quite a showing here on the east coast. Pope Francis, who is affectionately known as “the people’s pope,” was welcomed with cheers and signs, a sight that was more reminiscent of a concert or sporting event than of the arrival of a religious figure. During this trip, Pope Francis did many things that no other pope has ever done including speaking in front of congress, and while this man is seen as a different kind of pope by many, he has kept to the teachings that the Catholic Church has stood by for many centuries, and that comes as no surprise to me. For some reason the media felt as though it was the Pope’s duty to rewrite the teachings that he has followed for decades, many reporters thought this man would come to the United States and tell all Catholics to change theirs beliefs in order to fit the norms of the current era. I am not a Catholic, but I found it a bit funny and somewhat ludicrous that the mainstream media felt that the Pope would completely change the church that he has been part of for most of his life, in order to make our pop culture centric society more comfortable. In my opinion Pope Francis did exactly what he set out to do on this trip, he wanted to show that he is caring and compassionate, he wanted people to see the faith that he professes in action rather than by words alone. I personally may not agree with everything the Pope says, but the compassion he showed to the sick, the homeless, and the imprisoned is incontestable. I am happy that the country was willing to welcome the Pope as it did, hopefully his actions will resonate with the citizens of this nation, and people here would be willing to be more companionate and helpful to each other for years to come.