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Today is National Coffee Day, a day for “caffeine addicts” everywhere to celebrate. I am not a coffee drinker, and I have said before that I think we need less “national recognition days,” but I do enjoy this day because it generally means bakeries will be handing out free goodies. I’m pretty sure everyone loves free stuff, but I don’t think it is really necessary to celebrate coffee. This day was created to promote the sales of coffee, but given its levels of consumption, I really don’t think it needed much promotion at all. I am not exactly anti coffee, but I always considered myself a morning person, so I never gravitated to the pot. I know that all of the available flavors and variations of coffee can be quite delicious, but I’d rather have a cup of tea in the morning if I’m in the mood for a hot drink. The caffeine in coffee is pretty addictive, and taking breaks from drinking coffee could actually bring on significant withdrawal effects, so it is wise to maintain a solid level of control while consuming coffee. Hopefully all of you coffee drinkers will enjoy this highly caffeinated day, try to go easy on those free cups.