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During my week 3 NFL picks post, I said I would do better than the seven correct picks from previous weeks, and I was nearly perfect last week. I was correct on 13 of 16 games, and I am confident that I will manage to have a perfect week at some point in this NFL season. This week has been quite hectic so I will have to just list my picks for today, next week will return with more of a synopsis of my picks. 

Steeler win against the Ravens

Jets over Dolphins

Panthers defeat the Buccaneers 

Bengals defeat the Chiefs 

Colts beat the Jaguars

Chargers over the Browns

Giants beat the Bills

Raiders beat the Bears

Falcons beat the Texans

Redskins over the Eagles

Vikings over Broncos

Packers beat the 49ers

Cardinals defeat the Rams

Saints over the Cowboys 

Seahawks defeat the Lions

These picks are my best bet for week 4 of NFL action, I won’t guarantee perfection this week, but with football, anything is possible on a week by week basis.