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I have never understood why some people are so enamored with conspiracy theories. I understand that some of these theories are quite interesting, but I have never seen the value of believing or even following these notions. My basic stance on conspiracy theories is that they are useless to anybody that is not directly effected by the event to which they pertain. Conspiracy theorists general bury themselves in the issues they feel are being covered up, and they ignore any other opinions on an event or idea. I know that these individuals fully believe they are correct on a situation, but it is unhealthy to continue to push an issue that most people just don’t care about. Most conspiracy theories are ignored by many because they solve nothing, if a conspiracy is proved to be true, it leads to many questions but never a solution. Conspiracies have been around almost as long as civilization, and while some have been proven true, the number of proven conspiracies pales in comparison to those that are still up in the air. I have never fully jumped on the bandwagon of any conspiracy, and while I have heard of some that seem plausible, I understand that a conspiracy will never lead to any type of positive change or solution. I will continue to respect those who believe these ideas, but as for me, I will stick to getting my news from the hilariously unreliable news media.