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People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

-Isaac Asimov
I have to start by saying nobody knows everything, but this quote still holds true in certain situations. I know that when I was a youngster, I was a bit of a “know it all,” I would confidently express my opinions on an issue without even considering the errors of my statements. As I have grown and learned to taper my expression, I am learning that it is extremely annoying when a person tries to chime in and even lead in a conversation that they clearly don’t understand. The expression “ignorance is bliss” comes to mind when I think about this quote, because when I was young and made an incorrect statement without correction, I would just continue to imagine I was an expert on topics I knew very little about. Now that I am much more knowledgeable on many topics, I generally prefer to correct those who are ignorantly expressing their “knowledge” before they go too far, but must people are not too keen on correction. In my opinion, the best stance to take in a discussion is a position of humility, it is easier to wisely chime in at points of knowledge than to foolishly trumpet ignorance. Everybody has witnessed a person unwittingly broadcasting their foolishness, and while it is never fun to be the person to correct them, the correction is always beneficial to the speaker and to everyone who has to partake in a conversation with them.