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I tried my luck at getting a perfect week, but unfortunately I went 11 for 15 on my week four picks. While 11 correct isn’t too bad, I’m sure I can manage to do better. Here is my shot at perfection. Week five is when teams begin to know who they are, and while every team is still technically in contention, this week is when we start to separate the “contenders” from the “pretenders.” In tonight’s game I have the weaker Texans defeating the heavily injured Colts. The Bills will bounce back and beat the Titans, the Ravens will defeat the Browns, and the Chiefs will win an easy one against the Bears. The Bengals offense will be too much for the strong defense of the Seahawks and they will manage to win, while the Packers will continue to roll in a win over the Rams. In the inter-Floridian matchup of two of the league’s weakest teams, the Buccaneers will defeat the Jaguars, and the Saints will stomp all over the hapless Eagles. The Falcons will beat the Redskins, the Cardinals will win over the Lions, and the Broncos will easily defeat the Raiders. I have chosen against the Cowboys every week, and with their current injury issues, and the fact that they are facing the league’s most impressive team, I would be a fool to choose them now. The Patriots will blow out the Cowboys this week. As for the prime time games the Giants, who have played extremely well over the past couple of weeks, will win against the 49ers in a very close game, and the Steelers will manage to get back to their roots of running the football in order to defeat the Chargers. Well there you have it for my week 5 picks, I am not 100 percent confident in my Thursday night pick but I think this has a great chance of being a perfect week.