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Tom and Jerry is an old school cartoon about the never ending rivalry between the cat and the mouse. Tom and Jerry was created in 1940, yet the show seems to still be extremely popular with children and adults to this day. I understand that many people have a favorable opinion of this cartoon, but as a child I never really liked this show. I didn’t find the cartoon boring, or even generally entertaining, I wasn’t upset with the style of drawing, or even the sometimes offensive portrayals of minorities, what upset me about this cartoon was the fact that the mouse always won. I know it is a cartoon, and that the use of slapstick comedy trumps the truth of the cat eating the mouse, but the mouse is a pest, and even as a child I felt it was unfair for the cat to always lose. There are hundreds of cartoons around, but Tom and Jerry is the only one where the burglar is celebrated and even rewarded for his actions. There are still Tom and Jerry episodes being made to this day, and while I have seen them all, I honestly hope there is at least one in which Tom, the cat, actually wins. I am not trying to ruin a classic cartoon, and I understand that looking at it realistically is quite foolish, but a pest, or a burglar should not be celebrated in a cartoon. I know my views on this cartoon are somewhat odd, but it was just one of the many pet peeves I had with the cartoons of my childhood.