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Another week of football means another week of picks. Last week didn’t end so badly, but my accuracy took a step back numbers wise. I was correct on 10 out of 14 games, and I was quite confident that last week would be the week of perfection. This week’s games are a bit more complicated to pick than the last few weeks, but I will still be making my attempt at a potentially perfect prognostication. Tonight’s game is going to be a good one, the undefeated Falcons are facing one of their toughest rivals, the Saints, and I expect the Saints to come away with a win. The Bengals will stay undefeated as they defeat the Bills, and Lions will defeat the Bears. The Vikings will defeat the struggling Chiefs, and the Jets will defeat the Redskins. The Broncos will beat the Browns, the Texans will win against the Jaguars, and the Dolphins will defeat the Titans. The Cardinals will defeat the Steelers, the Panthers will beat the Seahawks in a close game, and the Ravens will beat the 49ers. The seemingly unstoppable Packers will meet their match, as they lose to the Chargers in a close yet high scoring game. The primetime games of this week are going to be a treat, on Sunday night the Patriots will be facing off against the Colts, the same team that “blew the whistle” on them in the deflategate scandal. I expect the Patriots to decimate the competition, and win this one big. The Monday night game is going to be an interesting matchup for first place in the NFC East division. I expect the Giants to continue their success and win in a close game against the Eagles.