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It has been 107 years since the Chicago Cubs last won a World Series Championship, and despite the team’s persistent futility, they always seem to have enough fans willing to root them on year after year. The Chicago Cubs have the longest drought between championships that any active professional team has ever seen, and whether it is by a curse, by error, or by act of fan, this team has managed to lose in seven World Series since their last. I am a Yankee fan, and I am relatively young, so I honestly don’t know what it feels like to go more than ten years between championships, but I can imagine that Cubs fans are elated to see that their team is literally eight games away from finally winning once again. The Cubs are quite possibly the hottest team in baseball at the moment, I know there are only four teams left, and that all four are playing incredibly inspired baseball, but the Cubs have one thing that all of the other team’s lack, and that is a “mad genius” manager in Joe Madden. Madden has seemed to find a way to galvanize this young and talented Cubs team to a level that has them believing they are not just capable of winning it all, but also into believing that whoever wants to win must go through them. Aside from the talent on the field, the Cubs also now have the general manager who was responsible for breaking the 86 year “curse” on the Red Sox and bringing them a World Series title so I would say history is on their side. If all of the facts about the Cubs don’t quite make the case for their possible World Series Championship, we also have the fact that the movie Back to the Future II predicted that they would finally win it all in this, the year 2015. I am fully on the bandwagon of the Cubs, they are a fun team to watch and a talented bunch. I would be glad to see the misery end in Chicago, and a World Series Championship trophy raised high in the north side of the Windy City.