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All you can eat buffets are places where you can pay a set fee and eat for a virtually indefinite amount of time. These restaurants differ from your average eatery as they forgo the paper menu and allow the customers to simply take what they want. The idea for a buffet was created by Herbert Cobb McDonald in 1965, and these eateries have become standard fare for years. The idea in for a buffet seems absurd, but when you think about it, a profit is always a possibility when everybody pays the same price but not everybody eats their money’s worth. There are many types of buffets out there, the “all you can eat” model can be seen in everything from soups to traditional Japanese cuisine, but not all buffets are created equally. I love to eat at buffets, but there are some that just don’t leave room for most people to eat much. I understand that some people like to eat spicy foods, but I’ve had all you can eat curry before, and while it was tasty I did find myself regretting the decision to go for all I could eat. All you can eat dining has become a great American tradition, and while some may call this type of consumption gluttonous, the owners and the patrons of these establishments will gladly continue to put their money into these interesting restaurants.