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Last night, during an extremely disappointing Monday Night Football broadcast, a new trailer for the highly anticipated Star Wars movie was released. Some may think it a strange idea to tease the new Star Wars movie during a football game, but given the size of the audience, I feel this was a fantastic idea. The average Star Wars fan would have known about this trailer, but the average football fan may not be interested enough to search the web for it, so I feel the trailer was perfectly placed. The original Star Wars films were released almost 40 years ago, but they still manage to garner the same excitement today that they did years ago. When Star Wars was first introduced it was praised for being a visual masterpiece, but now, about 39 years later, many people believe the visuals in the trailer don’t seem like those of a Star Wars film. I have to admit, I loved the trailer, I even watched it several times in a row to be sure I caught every bit of the action, and I don’t see how any Star Wars fan could have been disappointed. I honestly think anyone who thought the teaser didn’t look like a Star Wars movie is nitpicking as well as working with a very small sample size. The name of this film is “The Force Awakens,” and while the trailer was short, it was skillfully crafted in a way that gave the viewer a sense of the overall theme of the movie. I am fairly certain that I have expressed my excitement for this film at least once before in this blog, and I will definitely have to write a full review once I get a chance to see it in a theatre.