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The age of television may be coming to an end in the very near future. There was once a time when television was the choice method for spreading a message, or for providing entertainment to millions, but now it has been completely supplanted by the Internet. The expanded availability of high speed internet has turned television into a thing of the past, and the rise of online streaming services is quickly killing the profits of cable and satellite television providers. I am sure that television will still be around for the next decade, but the idea of waiting for a show to air or holding a spot in your schedule for a certain program seems to be losing followers pretty quickly. In this day and age when many people have variable schedules, streaming services allow a level of flexibility that could never be be matched by today’s television networks. The benefits of streaming services far outweigh those of traditional television, aside from controlling when and what you watch, streaming services allow users to pay for what they want to see instead of paying for large tv packages to watch a single channel. Services like Netflix and Hulu are quickly becoming the norm for television viewing, and while these services don’t yet have the licenses to broadcast sporting events, I predict there will be an all sports service released in the near future. The advances in technology have made our world a much smaller and more accessible place, it is only natural that with these advancements, older technologies will fall by the wayside.