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Before I start my NFL picks, I would like to say congratulations to the New York Mets on making it to the World Series. I am a Yankee fan, so naturally I hate the Mets, but they have shown great tenacity and drive in this playoff push and they deserve some sort of recognition even from a cross town rival. Now on to football, This week’s games starts with a Thursday night matchup of the once powerful 49ers and the Seahawks. I expect the Seahawks to easily win this game. The second game of the week will be played early on Sunday morning for us Americans, as it is the second of the NFL’s tour of England games. The Jaguars will be playing the Bills, and I expect the Bills to return stateside with a victory. The Rams will defeat the Browns, The Vikings will defeat the Lions, and the Dolphins will keep their hot streak going with a win over the Texans. Both the Colts and the Saints have been having a tough year, and I expect the year to keep getting worse for the poor Colts as they will lose against the Saints. The Steelers will defeat the Chiefs, the Buccaneers will beat the Redskins, and the Falcons will get the win against the Titans. Tom Brady and the undefeated Patriots will face what may be their toughest competition of the season so far in the Jets, but I expect them to come away with their perfect record intact in a close game. The Chargers will defeat the Raiders, and the unbeaten Panthers will defeat the Eagles in a big Sunday night matchup. The Giants and the Cowboys will face off for the first time since the Giants’ opening night debacle, and I will be making the same pick but I expect a different outcome, as the Giants will most definitely win this game. Week seven will round out with a somewhat boring Monday night game in which the Cardinals will defeat the Ravens in what could be a high scoring “shootout.” Last week, I once again got 10 out of 14 predictions correct, It seems impossible to get a perfect week, but if anyone happens to be putting any stock in a few of my weekly picks so far, I’m sure they are seeing dividends. Try to get out and enjoy this fine weekend and get ready for some football.