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Recently, I have found myself thinking about places that I have visited. I have been to quite a few interesting locations but this is a big planet, and there are many places I have yet to go. This post will be about a few places that I would love to travel to very soon. The first interesting location that I definitely need to see is the Seagaia Ocean Dome in Japan. Japan’s ocean dome is an indoor beach that has artificial surf and sand, as well as year round perfect weather. I am not a beach person, but a spectacle like this dome seems too awesome to skip. The next location that I have been planing to see for some time is the Pyramids of Egypt. The pyramids are cultural and architectural masterpieces that can be seen as some of the oldest links to the past we currently hold. I would have gone to the pyramids a year or two ago, but with the unrest in the region at the time, I decided that the trip must wait for another day. The last place that I need to visit very soon is Nigeria. Nigeria is the country of my origin, my parents were born there, and I have plenty of family there, but I have never actually had a chance to visit. There are many misconceptions about Nigeria, but much like many other west African countries, it is extremely modern and commercialized. I can’t wait to finally get to meet my cousins who I have only spoken to over the phone and on the web. There are many places that I would love to see that aren’t listed in this post, but the world is large and I have to start somewhere. As I knock these locations off my list I will certainly be adding new ones. As long as I am healthy, I am always ready for an adventure, and I can’t wait to start traveling once again.