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On this day, as it is “raining cats and dogs” here in the city, I started thinking about which pet is actually the better option. I know the Internet is obsessed with cats, and they can come off as pretty cute, but dogs have been regularly labeled as “man’s best friend.” I have never actually had a pet other than a small creature such as a fish or a hamster, but I have always been drawn more to dogs than cats. I guess my issue with cats is their air of indifference. Cats are great pets for people who have little space, but they seem to walk around like they own the place, and they often ignore the wishes of their owners. I know that cats can be affectionate at times, but I am used to dealing with cats that really don’t care much for people, unless food is involved. Dogs don’t come problem free, they must be trained well to avoid in home mishaps, and they can be too clingy at times. If a dog is not trained well it could be big trouble for its owner, as some poorly trained dogs have been known to bite strangers and ruin important documents. Even though there are negatives to both dogs and cats, the positives of well trained pet ownership far outweigh the negatives. To be honest I don’t think one is better than the other when it comes to cats and dogs, each of these creatures has their separate perks, but they are both known for being solid companions to their owners when they need them most. The great debate of cat or dog has no clear winner, and since it is so hard to look at this topic objectively, I think it is time for us to realize that these animals are equally as qualified to be the perfect pet.