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Week seven is in the books, and now we are officially at the halfway point of the NFL season. Last week, I managed to be correct on the usual 10 out of 14 picks, and while I expect perfection I am starting to feel ok with the consistency, for now. This week starts with an interesting one on Thursday night as the undefeated Patriots face off against the resurgent Miami Dolphins. I expect this game to be close and high scoring but the Pats will definitely win. In the early morning game from England, I expect the Lions to defeat the Chiefs in blowout, the Chargers will defeat the Ravens, and the Cardinals will beat the Browns. The Bengals will win a close game against the Steelers, the Vikings will win against the Bears, and the Texans will end their losing streak with a win against the Titans. The Giants will win against the Saints, and the Rams will defeat the 49ers. In what looks to be a massive upset the Buccaneers will defeat a very strong Falcons team, and The strong Jets defense will secure a win over the Raiders. The Cowboys are looking to bounce back from a four game losing streak but unfortunately they have to meet the reigning champions of the NFC, the Seahawks, I expect the Cowboys to lose this one by at least ten points. This week’s night games are going to be massive, with three undefeated teams playing in the games, I’m sure there will be some fantastic football. In the Sunday night game the Broncos will end the undefeated run of the Packers, and in the Monday night game the Panthers will keep it perfect with a win over the Colts. I am still hoping for perfection, but I think I will be fine once I get past this hurdle of ten correct picks. I would love to make this the start of my weeks of perfection, either way, enjoy the games everybody, I sure will.