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Today is Halloween, a day for tricks and treats, a day in which people dress up in costumes, and children go around asking relative strangers for candy. My parents weren’t fond of this day when I was a child, so I was never able to go trick or treating, but as an adult I am always sure to make up for the candy I’ve passed on. Today, on the day that many are dressed as somebody else, I think it is important to remember to be yourself. Everyone loses part of who they are while growing up, sometimes it is due to necessity and other times it is because they have been drawn away from interests they once held. In a sense we are all a product of our environments and circumstances, but that is no reason to lose sight of who you actually are. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where we lose our way in terms of our individuality, but it is important to realize that we are individuals and that we much value our differences. Today as I walk streets full of people pretending to be who they are not, I will put forward my best effort to be the most authentic version of me for Halloween.