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The autumn season is in full swing. To many people autumn is just the season that comes between the heat of summer and the cold of winter, but to me, autumn is the most beautiful season of all. Aside from the comfortable temperatures of the season, autumn, at least in the north east, comes with the wonderful coloring and falling of leaves. I know that cleaning up leaves can be tedious and annoying, but just the sight of the fall foliage is enough to make the seemingly endless raking and bagging worth it. I find it extremely relaxing to just sit in a park and watch the trees, and seeing bundles of colorful leaves blow through the air has always been an object of my enjoyment. As a child I loved fall for two reasons, for one it signified the season of my birth, which is always a good time for a child. The second reason I enjoyed the fall was because it meant I could be serenaded by the melody of crunching leaves as I marched to school every morning. I am proud to say that my reasons for enjoying fall, however childish they were, have not changed much in my adulthood. Seasons are great because they always come back around, and while all seasons have their “haters,” I am sure autumn is the most loved and comfortable of them all.