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The NBA season has just begun, and while we are only a week in, many teams are beginning to show if they can actually be contenders in this 82 game round robin tournament of sorts. It honestly too early to begin crowning champions and MVPs, but it is never too early to point out the players that seem to have lost their touch. Kobe Bryant, the player who was once mired in off the court controversy, now has to deal with questions about his on court playmaking ability. Kobe Bryant was once a man considered by many to be “the next Michael Jordan,” and while his many accolades and championships speak for themselves, it is plain to see that Kobe is getting old. At the age of 37, Kobe seems to be far past his prime, and the fact that he is coming off of two injury ridden seasons doesn’t help him get back into the routine of playing well. This season, Kobe is shooting a woeful 30% from the floor, and he is quickly becoming an afterthought in this increasingly social media driven world. I feel bad for even thinking it, but it may be time for Kobe to retire from the game of basketball. He is not the same player he was ten years ago, and he seems to have no interest in taking a reduced role on a team. With his current level of play it will be hard to imagine seeing Kobe retire at the top of his game, but at least he will be able to keep his reputation and rest on his accolades as one of the greatest players to ever grace the basketball court.