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Today I will be making my picks for the weekend NFL games once again. I have definitely hit a groove when it comes to my number of correct picks since I have been regularly getting ten correct, a number that I once again managed to attain in week eight. I am not a gambling man, so I consider these picks a fun way to interact with my favorite sport, but I’m sure my talent for making predictions could be quite marketable to some. In the first game of week nine, we have an interstate matchup of the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals, I expect the Bengals to win this game due to their strong offensive play. In Sunday’s action the Bills will find a way to defeat the surging Dolphins in a close game, and the Jets will definitely beat the Jaguars. The undefeated Panthers will face their first true test of the season in a matchup against the Packers, and I’m sure they will come away with their perfect record intact. The Vikings will defeat the Rams, the Saints will defeat the Titans, the Raiders will shock the Steelers, and the Patriots will easily defeat the weak Redskins. In the late afternoon games, the Falcons will defeat the 49ers, the Giants will bounce back from the disastrous defensive showing of last week and defeat the Buccaneers, and the undefeated Broncos will keep that status against the Colts. The night games this week are actually somewhat boring, but I will be picking a team that I have never chosen before in this blog, and that I would never root for in my life. In The Sunday night game between the Cowboys and the Eagles I am going with the Cowboys finally ending their month long losing streak in a big win. As for the final game of the week, I am certain that the Chargers will defeat the Bears in what looks to be a blowout.