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I was never one to get too excited over meeting a celebrity. I have found that I generally like to give people their space rather than to ask for a photo or an autograph, but I seem to be in the minority in that aspect. Today, I noticed that a former Major League Baseball player works out at the same gym as me, and instead of bothering him to sign my shoes or take a photo, I just allowed him to work out in peace. Living in New York I have had multiple run ins with people who would be considered famous, and while the level of fame of these individuals varies, I imagine they all value privacy as much as the rest of us. I am not trying to say I have never been “star struck,” but even when I was a child who was meeting his favorite athlete, I realized that they were just as human as myself. When I noticed the athletes who I regularly watched play on television or from the crowd were not much taller than my father, I started to see them differently. I realized that these people were not the larger than life figures that I once thought they were, and that they were just ordinary people with some extraordinary talents. It may seem strange, but I have actually seen some “famous” individuals who seemed to be expecting to be approached, but were shocked that everyone was busy with their own lives rather than fussing about them. I know that everybody is different, and that many of these celebrities may actually enjoy the attention, but I will continue to treat them the same way I expect to be treated when I am a stranger just trying to enjoy my day.