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In scifi movies robots are created to assist humans in basic everyday tasks, but in reality many believe they are being built to replace humanity. I know the idea automation can seem scary to many, but in reality people are getting too busy, and too advanced to not allow a robot to do some of the jobs we find tedious. I remember back when I used to work retail, customers would always prefer working with a human over an automated machine, they would think they are doing a service to humans by keeping us useful, but in my opinion what they were actually doing was tying us up in mundane tasks that could have easily been done by a computer. I understand that the use of robots in manufacturing assisted in crippling the American auto industry, and probably destroyed the economy of many cities throughout the US, but fearing the future is not going to stop it from coming. Technophobia is the fear of technological advancement, and it seems as though it is no longer a belief that is reserved for the very old. In this day of technological advancement many people fear they will be made obsolete, and while I agree that many current jobs will not be around in ten years, I think now is the time to begin learning about tech of the future. As long as humanity is building these machines of the future I am sure there will always be a job for man, but we have to learn to embrace the changes in order to avoid getting left behind.