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DC Comics has long been an afterthought when it comes to comic books in pop culture. With the exception of staple characters like Batman and Superman, DC superheroes have been known to take a backseat to the more popular characters of Marvel Comics. While Marvel has seemingly cornered the market on superhero movies, DC has found a way to sneak their lesser known characters into homes with a series of compelling television dramas. Shows like Arrow and the Flash, have garnered massive critical acclaim and huge fan bases due to their solid writing and overall accessibility. Both of these television shows have turned characters that few people actually cared about into weekly water cooler conversation, and they may have even surpassed the popularity of some of DC’s most recent cinematic releases. It is pretty clear that DC has struck gold with these television shows, but it seems like they don’t exactly want to go “all in” on their television productions. The company has already planned to make an expanded movie realm that will include some of the same characters as the tv shows, however the realms will be completely separate. While the DC movies are already well into production, I think it is a terrible idea to cast new characters to play a role that is already being shown on the tv screen. I understand that the company made these tv shows to spark an interest in their future cinematic plans, but I feel the separation of the two entities will just cause confusion and alienate fans of the television shows from the cinematic universe DC is trying to create.