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I am not generally fond of insects, but of all insects or bugs in existence the type that I simply can’t stand is the bee. Bees are those striped, flying menaces, that are known for making honey and for their annoying and sometimes deadly stings. I have to admit, my aversion to bees is based entirely on their ability to sting. If bees were unable to sting, I would probably never even look at them twice, but the sheer fact that these little creatures pack such a painful punch is all I need to never want to see one again. While I love honey, I think I would be willing to give up on honey if it meant I would never have to encounter another bee in my life. The odd thing about my hatred for bees is that it all started from a hornet attack I was subjected to as a child. A hornet once found its way under my hat and began releasing a flurry of stings into my head. That single hornet traumatized me enough to keep me far from these insects, and all types of flying stinging insects in general. I am not allergic to bees, wasps, or hornets, but I definitely don’t want to ever be stung by one of these creatures again, especially in the head. Some may say that I need to outgrow this fear, but as small as these creatures are, the memory of the pain they caused me as a child is enough for me to stay out of their path.