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Yesterday, a terrible event took place in the streets of Paris. Several terrorists launched a series of attacks on innocent people, in an effort to destabilize the country of France. There is really not much that can be said about such a disposable act, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a way to predict or prevent these horrible things from happening, but every country needs to band together to try and stop terrorism at its root. It is hard to pinpoint the cause of radicalization, but something must be done to end the shedding of innocent blood. The attacks of yesterday show that humanity has a long way to go as a race. It is a shame that this world is becoming such that people can not enjoy a walk in the park or a ball game without looking over their shoulders, but we must continue to live as normal to show terrorist that we are not afraid. The resolve of France is strong, and the people of this planet will continue to help each other get through terrible tragedies such as this one. I know it has been said by many, but today we all stand with France against the travesty of terrorism. I am sure that one day we will all be free from the lunatics that wish to bring chaos into the lives of everyday people once and for all.