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Is it actually possible to explain how unique or creative you are in a mere 150 character statement? Many companies now ask this question in their applications and it seems to be a growing trend. I imagine these companies want to know how quickly their potential employees can think on their feet, but it could also just mean Twitter has taken over job applications now. I understand that this question could just be a test of how well potential employees deliver an elevator pitch, but it seems like recruiting teams are paying more and more attention to the answers to this blurb. I always have trouble figuring out what to write in these tiny boxes, I wonder if I should try and be funny, professional, or just plain silly, and I often come away with the idea to do an odd mix of all three. I guess the correct answer to the “what makes you unique” question depends on the company that is asking the question. I am a huge proponent of learning the culture of a company before you apply, if you understand the way a company thinks, it is easy to answer the way they would, in order to legitimately catch their eye. Limiting a unique description of yourself to 150 characters may seem like a daunting task, but if you can keep it simple, I’m sure you will be able to handle whatever tasks the job entails.